Adovals Collection

A collection of 1500 hand drawn, randomly generated, unique and limited edition NFT oval face avatars, living on the Ethereum Blockchain!

The latest publications will be the rarest!

Pintamones is the artist behind each of these funny characters, created with a lot of love. This project is carried out by a team of 3 people and we have created a smart contract solely for this collection.

15% of the profits from this project will go to Social Foundations in Barcelona.

If you want more information and be aware of the days of minting and updates, check out our Discord.


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Back story

The Adovals revolution has already begun!

It seems that mother Adian has already given birth to the tribe of Adovals under the sea depths of the Purple Ocean. She had spent years raising in the dark alone…

Hooked up to ingenious mechanical bubbles, these individuals have grown large enough to be able to go outside and mingle with humans.

What people don’t know is that these Adovals know how to camouflage themselves very well among people: act like them, dress like them, love like them, fight like them… And so, without making much noise, get to understand them and find their point weakest to gain control of their minds.

These beings have come to stay. The Adovals have the ability to attract everyone, they have the power of persuasion and fun. Their huge oval heads make them the smartest individuals on the planet Ethereum!

Be careful, lest you feel like adopting one and it disturbs your mind forever…

Traits and rarities

The Adovals Collection contains 1500 unique avatars with 168 different traits. Some traits are rarer than others, that makes some avatars more interesting and more unique. Besides, the last 10 tokens dropped will have unique traits and will be the rarest.


Phase 0
Create the Adovals


Open Discord, first marketing campaigns, website reveal.

Phase 1

The public will be able to get a spot on the whitelist (100 spots). Whether through Twitter or Discord.

Phase 2

A Presale date will be marked on the calendar and people who have managed to enter the whitelist will be able to mint 1 or 2 tokens through the official website for a lower price (0.03 ETH).

Phase 3
Minting day

A few days after the Presale, the minting will be opened to the public (0.04 ETH). Through the official website, each person will be able to mint up to 10 tokens from the Adovals Collection.

Phase 4
Sale Progress

15% Sold - Some Adovals will be airdropped on Discord.
25% Sold - Mini games, activities, interviews with artists and quality content will be created.
50% Sold - There will be talks for holders and collaborations with artists.
75% Sold - The merchandising of the collection will be launched and raffles will be held.
99% Sold - The last 10 Golden Adovals will be auctioned. These will have completely different and unique attributes.
100% Sold - A unique animated piece of the artist will be given to the holder of the most Adovals valued at 1 ETH.

Phase 5

Once all tokens have been sold, 15% of the profits from this project will go to Social Foundations in Barcelona. And in this way to be able to improve the lives of people who live on the street. One of these foundations is Arrels Fundació.

Phase 6

If a healthy and supportive community of the Adovals collection is achieved, the idea of collaborating with other artists will be valued. In any case, the artist will continue to release drops of other collections that may be of interest to the community.

This roadmap is subject to the right of possible modifications as the campaign progresses.


This is a project mainly for the love of art and we work to publicize art and crypto artists, but we believe it is important to add other utilities to our NFTs that make the project more interesting. Therefore, we thought that the best thing we could do is an act of solidarity with our city and make a donation of 15% of the profits to foundations that work to improve the lives of people living on the streets of Barcelona. This is a problem that affects many of the world’s major cities and that because of the crisis and the high prices of rental housing has worsened in recent years.

In this sense, if you adopt an Adovals you will be improving the lives of people who need it, since donations give food, sleep and opportunities to many people.
Below, you can watch the video where Arrels Foundació tells us about their work.

Smart Contract

Adovals Collection uses a custom Smart Contract based on ERC721A, an improved implementation of the IERC721 standard focused on massive minting cost optimisation.

It’s a thoroughly tested contract that will host the collection of NFTs providing the safety and reliability that our collectors deserve.

The contract supports a presale period through an allow list powered by a Merkle Tree algorithm, which again, drastically improves the gas cost while ensuring a correct authentication of the minting wallet.

The Adovals contract launches the collection in a non revealed status, to maintain the mystery at the beginning of the mint to finally disclose the awesome artwork that this collection contains in the rest of the minting process.

Adovals team


When do Adovals launch?

Presale: October 22
Public Mint: October 24

Where will Adovals be available to purchase?

The official website:

On which network do Adovals reside?

All Adovals reside on the Ethereum Blockchain. Ethereum was chosen because it is the largest blockchain for NFTs and they can also be found on Opensea, the largest and most active secondary market out there.

What’s the pricing for each NFT?

Presale: 0.03 ETH
Public mint: 0.04 ETH.

How many Adovals will be available?

1,500 Adovals.

What is the max mint size at launch?

Presale: The max mint size is set at 2 Adovals per transaction.
Public mint: The max mint size is set at 10 Adovals per transaction.

I have multiple accounts, can I get on the whitelist with each one?

No. We only support a single account per user. Claiming multiple whitelist spots or airdrops is not allowed, and won't be accommodated by staff.

Is there a resale fee?

Yes, we have applied a secondary market fee of 7.5%, this does not include the 2.5% fee that will be charged when selling on OpenSea.

How will I know I'm buying real Adovals and not fakes?

The only way to know if it is the original Adovals Collection is to be sure that you are on the official channels and website of the collection. Check the smart contract is the official one. The staff isn’t responsible for possible scams or copies that you may receive through other channels.

Contact the Adovals team

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    A collection of 1500 hand drawn, randomly generated, unique and limited edition NFT oval face avatars, living on the Ethereum Blockchain!

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